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P1 Introduction

This video includes the introduction to the P1 (orifice plate experiments) and its basic theory. Make sure you watch this carefully in order to answer the short quiz.

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Global Warming Lecture Series: CO2 Storage Risk and Leakage Time

In the previous lecture we studied about the concept of capturing CO2 and store it underground. The underground is made up by various formation of porous rocks. To help safely store CO2 underground,…

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Global Warming Lecture Series: Porosity and Permeability

This series is developed under the auspices of SECURE (subsurface evaluation of CCS and Unconventional Risks). The main goal of the SECURe project is to gather unbiased, impartial scientific evidence…

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Employability Series - Cover Letter

An episode covering what a cover letter is and why they are used. Prof Vince Pizzoni gives and insight into the best ways to write and create a cover letter and the importance of them when applying…

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Employablity Series - CV

Your CV is one of the most important documents when applying for a job or position and it is crucial you get it right. In this episode Prof Vince Pizzoni gives a basic overview of what you need…

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Introduction to Employability Series

IDTP Employability Series - Introduction to the Series

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University of Nottingham - Institut Pertanian Bogor Research Collaboration in Bioengineering

Conversation with Dr Ifty Ahmed about his research collaboration with IPB on development of novel bone repair materials

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Nottingham-Indonesia Collaborative Webinar on COVID-19

Nottingham, United Kingdom 18th May 2020 — COVID-19 is a global challenge which requires global solutions. In the first event of its kind, UK and Indonesian policy makers, scientists, and…

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