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Moving on from academia - a researcher's experience

Dr Josephine Welham talks about why she decided to leave her research career and how she identified what she wanted to do in the future.

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What will you do with your animal sciences degree?

Alumna Katy Hogg talks about her career path following her animal science degree and how she uses the skills she learned during her degree on a daily basis. She offers her advice to students…

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From animal science degree to project management

Sarah Johns, Project Manager and animal sciences alumna talks about what her roles in project management within the science sector. She explains the relevance of her degree to project management and…

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Combining my medical background with a legal career

Adam Harrison, a Nottingham alumnus, talks about how after training and working as a doctor, he decided to retrain as a lawyer. He now combines both his interests in medicine and the law in his…

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Career advice | Get support from a mentor

Nerissa Culli, neuroscience student, joined the Career Mentoring programme because she wanted to find out the differences between academic and industrial research, what lab activities involved and…

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Career advice | Professional guidance from alumni

Amy Prosser, Senior Scientist at Sygnature Discovery, talks about her role as a mentor and the types of questions she gets asked by students. They range from how she chose her PhD and how she got…

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Karen Cox - Career Support

Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor 2013-2017, speaks about how the University of Nottingham has supported her career

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Karen Cox - Career Profile

Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham 2013 - 2017, talks about her career: Where it's taken her and how she got to where she is today.

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