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Why Study Women in 'Q' with Sara Parks

Dr Sara Parks introduces the text that lies behind the gospels of Matthew and Luke – to which we give the name ‘Q’. In turn, this allows her to study what this text says about women…

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Why Study Arius of Alexandria with Mary Cunningham

Dr Mary Cunningham explores what we know of Arius of Alexandria (d. 336) and his theology. Born in North Africa, he was a presbyter of the church of Alexandria and a very popular preacher. His…

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Life Cycle 4 - the journey

This year the Vice-Chancellor and his team cycled over 1400 miles in aid of Children's Brain Tumour Research. Here's a look at their journey and the community celebration at University…

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'Comfort Women' - Japanese student explains why she studies the issue

PhD Student Sachi Tsukamoto, from The University of Nottingham, explains why she decided to learn more about the plight of 'Comfort Women' -- the women and girls forced into sexual slavery…

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The Vaughan Parry Williams Coaching Fund

Sports coaches are the driving force behind sporting success. Will you help take Nottingham's student sport to new heights?

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Scholarships and Bursaries

A university education and an enriching student experience should not be limited by financial constraints. Will you help support the aspirations of the brightest and best students? More…

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Achieving Lifelong Health for Children

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century. We are heading towards the first generation of children who will die younger than their parents.…

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Creative Energy Homes

Climate change caused by carbon emissions is now accepted as the greatest threat faced by mankind. Will you help deliver global solutions to low and zero carbon…

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Contemporary Chinese Studies

China is predicted to become the world's largest economy by 2020. Will you help educate leaders who understand contemporary China in an international context?

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Children Facing Adversity

Children in the UK face adversity in many forms, with 1.6 million living in severe poverty and hundreds of thousands living with disability, ill health or trauma. Will you help children overcome…

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