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Why Study Women in 'Q' with Sara Parks

Dr Sara Parks introduces the text that lies behind the gospels of Matthew and Luke – to which we give the name ‘Q’. In turn, this allows her to study what this text says about women…

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Cognitive Approaches to Ancient Religious Experience (CAARE) Highlights

Building on the project, Ancient Religions and Cognition, this network brings together scholars from the ancient history of religion on the one hand, and the cognitive science of religion on the…

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Adrian Hayes

A short video of explorer, adventurer and business coach, Adrian Hayes talking about his life and how he achieves his goals. As well as offering advice to current students of The University of…

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10. Panel on 'new directions: how can we circle the square?', Blackstock, Grundmann, Moriarty, Roach (Circling the Square I)

The below video features contributions from Dr Jason Blackstock (Department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, UCL), Professor Reiner Grudmann, (STS Research Priority Group,…

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M12037 Approaches to Politics and IR

M12037 Approaches to Politics and International Relations with Mark Wenman

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Dan Williams accepts the Greatest Coach award on behalf of his father Vaughan Parry Williams

Dan Williams gives his thoughts on what his father, Vaughan Parry Williams, would have thought to being crowned Greatest Coach in the University's Greatest Sporting Heroes campaign. For more…

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The Vaughan Parry Williams Coaching Fund

Sports coaches are the driving force behind sporting success. Will you help take Nottingham's student sport to new heights?

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