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Advanced Manufacturing Building official opening

With manufacturing on the cusp of a technological revolution, a flagship research facility has opened its doors at the University of Nottingham to help future-proof UK industry in a competitive…

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TTP Blog: Implementing Paperless Assessment Documents

Assessment forms used in nursing had shortcomings, such as the amount of space for writing and the logistics of administrational processing. Rachel Bacon and Sheila Cunningham changed it.

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Vlog: Sooo...what shall I do when I graduate? | Digital Marketing

Third-year student, Maria, explores options for when she finishes her degree in Contemporary Chinese Studies with International Relations. In this vlog, she talks about her experiences at the Digital…

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Vlog: 5 tips for getting into marketing with an Arts degree

American & Canadian Studies alumna and BBC Apprentice candidate Rebecca Jeffery gives her top 5 tips for getting into marketing with an Arts degree.

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London PR, Nottingham Internship Scheme

A short video of interns and former interns placed by the University of Nottingham via the internship scheme at Nottingham company London PR. Filmed and edited by Alex Wilkinson of Alex Wilkinson…

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Student experiences of studying for the MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching

We asked our students to share their thoughts about their experience of studying for the Master of Arts in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching. Our students talked about several issues…

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Summer internships - ICN

Geoff Baker, CEO at ICN, Prachi Jain, management studies student and Greg Dougall, economics with Chinese studies graduate share their experiences of the summer internship scheme.

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Faculty of Arts Digital laboratory and research facilities

Faculty of Arts researchers talk about their research and some of the digital and laboratory facilities they use at the University of Nottingham.

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Horizon - Shaping the Future through Ubiquitous Technology

The Horizon project looks to the future, exploring the line between privacy and security through data collection and appropriate usage of personal information. Find out more about the Horizon…

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Mark Iliffe - PhD Digital Economy (based in Horizon Doctoral Training Centre)

Mark discusses the support the Horizon Doctoral Training Centre provides for its students.

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