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How do we look back on definitions and divisions in the sixteenth century? with David Gehring

How ever remember the past is related to how we see what is happening in our present. In this video Dr David Gehring – of Nottingham’s Department of History – looks at how our…

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What did you want to be when you were younger? | #UoNVideoBox

Students in the #UoNVideoBox tell us what they wanted to be when they were younger... Watch more from #UoNVideoBox:

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Vlog: Healthy eating at uni

Charlotte gives some tips on how to eat healthily at uni. See more of Charlotte's videos

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Vlog: Living in self-catered halls

Amy and Laura share their experiences of living in self-catered accommodation. See more of Amy and Laura's videos

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Vlog: Living in catered halls

What's life like living in catered halls? Michelle talks about her experiences See Molly, Josh and David's catered hall tour See more from…

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Why Study the 4th Council of the Lateran with Claire Taylor

2015 is the eighth centenary of Lateran IV – often described as the most important western church council between the Council of Nicea (325) and the Reformation. Dr Claire Taylor of the Dept of…

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Why Study Arius of Alexandria with Mary Cunningham

Dr Mary Cunningham explores what we know of Arius of Alexandria (d. 336) and his theology. Born in North Africa, he was a presbyter of the church of Alexandria and a very popular preacher. His…

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