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UoN The Hidden Half: Ageotropum Pea

Pisum sativum is more commonly known as the pea plant. These plants are well known for growing peas in pods which are the plant’s fruit. This is an important crop now grown in many parts of the…

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Objects of Belief; Holy Things with Dr Francisca Rumsey

Every religion has – whether they are proud of it or not – special things and places. Most human beings – whether they are proud of it or not – have objects of special…

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Adding a copyright attibution to an image

This is a video about how to add a copyright attribution within Moodle to an image during the upload process.

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Adding an image

This video goes through how to add an image to a Label (so it appears directly onto the main page) and change the size and alignment of images.

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The teenage brain – work in progress

The University of Nottingham is involved in a European wide study which aims to identify and learn more about the biological and environmental factors that might influence mental health in teenagers.…

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An overview of our Malaysia Campus

Our Malaysia campus, situated approximately 30km outside Kuala Lumpur, is a great place to study and to conduct research. Provost and CEO Christine Ennew, Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning…

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