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Vlog: Things you might be worrying about...but don't need to be!

Starting uni can be a bit scary, so Ali's here to settle your nerves about making friends, living away from home and managing your work. Ali's channel:…

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Vlog: Being LGBT+ at uni 🌈

Jamie talks about his experience of being LGBT+ at uni

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Welcome to The University of Nottingham

Our Vice-Chancellor and Students' Union President welcome you to the University and give you some useful advice. Plus, a look at the city of Nottingham. To find everything you need to know…

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Vlog: First day experience

Shane talks about what to expect on your first day when you move to Nottingham. Find your hall on Facebook See more from Shane

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The Essential Guide to The University of Nottingham

This video provides an overview of all the essential information for new students starting at The University of Nottingham. For more information visit …

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