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Vlog: Nottingham City Tour

Hello everyone, I'm Savannah and I'm a 3rd year Maths student here at UoN. Today I'll be showing you some of my favourite places and things to do as a student in Nottingham city. Enjoy!

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Vlog: Top 5 Asian restaurants in Nottingham

Joey recommends some of her favourite places to go for Korean food, Chinese food, sushi, curry and bubble tea in Nottingham.

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Vlog: Alternative nights out in Nottingham

Nottingham has loads of things to do if you're not into clubbing or just fancy a different night out, from restaurants to escape rooms, cinemas to nature reserves and board game cafés to…

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Top 10 Restaurants and Cafés in Nottingham

Emily shares some of her favourite places too eat and drink in Nottingham city.

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Vlog: My favourite places for a night out in Nottingham

Lucy shares some of her favourite clubs, pubs and cocktail bars in Nottingham and talks about the varied night life in the city. Check out Lucy's channel:…

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Vlog: Transport in Nottingham

There are loads of different ways to get around Nottingham and beyond, from buses to trams and taxis to trains. These are Ella's experiences of using public transport around the city. Check out…

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