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Vlog: 5 things to do before starting uni

Varun's got 5 top tips for things you can do in preparation for starting university. UoN SU Welcome site: UoN new students 2018 Facebook group:…

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Vlog: University packing tips

Sophie shares her tips for what to pack when going to uni. Check out Sophie's channel:

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Vlog: Preparing for uni

Ali talks about group chats, public transport and packing before heading to uni. See more of Ali's videos:

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Vlog: Hand luggage tips for international students

Take a look at what Michelle packs in her hand luggage when travelling to Nottingham. Book a place on our Welcome Programme For more information…

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Vlog: Packing tips for international students

There's a lot to think about when packing as an international student - Michelle's here to share her top packing tips with you. For more information about packing visit…

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Seeing the world through the eyes of an orangutan

A captive bred Sumatran orangutan and a University of Nottingham neuroscientist in Malaysia are hoping to explain some of the mysteries of the visual brain and improve the lives of captive bred…

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The UK Centre for Tobacco Control

Tim Coleman talks about The University of Nottingham's role within the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies. Video by Debs Storey

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