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Shaping the future of education

The BA Education combines the academic study of educational systems and practices with an emphasis on career development for an extensive, diverse and exciting field. For more information…

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Remembering the Reformation 1517 - 2017

2017 marks the five-hundred anniversary of the beginning of the European Reformation. As part of a series of events to commemorate this event which has done so much to share modern Europe and…

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How do we look back on definitions and divisions in the sixteenth century? with David Gehring

How ever remember the past is related to how we see what is happening in our present. In this video Dr David Gehring – of Nottingham’s Department of History – looks at how our…

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How did the Reformers view their own History? with Alan Ford

The reformers were faced with many challenges, but one that is often forgotten was the need to justify their actions historically. How did it come about that the church needed reform? To what image…

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Why Study the Fin de Siècle with Frances Knight

Prof. Frances Knight, an expert on the religious history of the late nineteenth century, examines the religious dimension of the cultural movements we associate with the term ‘Fin de…

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Why Study Oscar Wilde with Frances Knight

Dr Frances Knight explores some of the religious dimensions of the life and works of Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and in particular his Ballad of Reading Goal and De Profundis. She also examines…

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Theologians in Conversation; The Reims Statement of 2011

Monsignor Kevin McGinnell discusses with Professor Tom O’Loughlin the statement produced by a meeting of liturgists from across a wide spectrum of English-speaking churches knows as the Reims…

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Why Study the 4th Council of the Lateran with Claire Taylor

2015 is the eighth centenary of Lateran IV – often described as the most important western church council between the Council of Nicea (325) and the Reformation. Dr Claire Taylor of the Dept of…

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M13203 Global Insurgencies

M13203 Global Insurgencies with Gulshan Khan

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2. Panel on 'the science-policy interface', Fanelli, Jasanoff, Taylor and Tyler (Circling the Square I)

The below video features contributions from Daniele Fanelli (Visiting Professor, School of Library and Information Services, University of Montreal), Sheila Jasanoff (Pforzheimer Professor of Science…

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Ben Mathers_MA Research Methods

In this interview Ben tells us about his experience in doing the MA in Social Research Methods. He explains how the master was essential for him in order to be prepared for doing a PhD.

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Lecture: why do horses get colic?

Professor of Veterinary Surgery, Sarah Freeman, delivers her inaugural lecture on colic in horses.

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A to Z of Sociology: Public Policy

Dr Barbara Allen, Lecturer in public policy talks about Public Policy and the study of public policy in our A-Z of the School of Sociology and Social Policy series.

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PhD student Muniirah Mbabazi is studying nutrition policy in developing countries

Muniirah Mbabazi, from Uganda, is researching nutrition policy in Uganda for her PhD. In the past she has also carried out research into sustainable diets, including edible insects.

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A to Z of Sociology: Ethnicity

Dr Christian Karner, Associate Professor of Sociology, talks about the standard sociological definition of ethnicity and the four key questions which arise from that definition.

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Achieve it - Social Sciences at Nottingham

You could find the perfect course at Nottingham Browse our courses: The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate courses within the…

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Marie Paxton - PhD Politics

Marie tells us how studying Politics and French for her undergraduate degree inspired her to do a PhD.

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Warren Pearce - PhD Sociology and Social Policy

Warren tells us what attracted him to Nottingham.

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Sarah Kulihin - MA International Social Policy

Sarah talks about how Nottingham has impressed her as a place of study.

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Laura Noonan - MA Public Policy

Laura talks about the benefits of staying on at Nottingham after her undergraduate degree.

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The UK Centre for Tobacco Control

Tim Coleman talks about The University of Nottingham's role within the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies. Video by Debs Storey

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