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Why Study Moral Rationalism in Islamic Law

Dr Ali-reza Bhojani one of the key questions about morality that confronts theists: is the Good what God commands, or, is what God commands ‘the Good’?

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Why Do Muslims Believe in Moral Rationalism?

Dr Ali-reza Bhojani introduced the notion that the basis of morality is not simply based in the acts of divine revelation, but is inherent in the moral order that human beings find within themselves.

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M12053 Civilization and Barbarism

M12053 Civilization and Barbarism with Catherine Gegout

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Johannes Hoff – Rethinking Modernity with Nicholas of Cusa 2013 Bonaventure Lecture

Professor Johannes Hoff – from Heythrop College in London – gave the 2013 Bonaventure lecture and proposed the case that modern theology needs to radically re-examine its assumptions…

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Why Study UnBelief

Dr John McDade questions the nature of modern unbelief. He sees is as generated from within an approach to the question of God which grew up among Christian theologians in the early modern period. In…

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Weibo at The University of Nottingham (English)

Find out how The University of Nottingham is using Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, to connect and engage with our Chinese-speaking students and alumni. Chinese version of this video:…

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Aliya Tuyakbayeva - Preparatory English

Kazakhstani student, Aliya Tuyakbayeva, talks about her experiences of the Preparatory English course run by the Centre for English Language Education.

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