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Helping Students Benefit from Feedback

Caroline Anderson was keen to capitalise on feedback as an aspect teaching, so she examined the feedback process within a specific module and identified personalisation, reflection, and…

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Medics: Self awareness and reflection during your Clinical Phase

Two F2 doctors and a fourth-year medical student explore how they reflected on their clinical experiences - what they enjoyed, the positives and negatives of a specialism and their own strengths and…

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An English student reflects on his internship

Ben Garry reflects on what he has learned about himself and digital marketing from his internship at Impression Digital in Nottingham.

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Sacred Calendars; The Prophet's Birthday

Dr Harith bin Ramli describes the annual celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, known as 'the Milad'. It is a time of joyful celebration, but also a time for recalling the…

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