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Real world research. Real world impact. Our research knows no limits. Our discoveries change lives across the globe. Discover more about our world-changing research:

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Why Study Arthur Schopenhauer with Richard Bell

Prof. Richard Bell introduces the life and thought of Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860). The video gives an account of his epistemology – and how he was influenced by Kant – as a basis for…

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Module in a Minute - Work and Play

Dr Ting Chang discusses Work and Play in Modern Art

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Sacred Calendars; Ramadan

Dr Musharef Hussain, an Iman in Nottingham, explains what happens during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. During this month one of the most obvious practices is that of fasting during the hours of…

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Zero carbon 'HOUSE' designed and built by students 'comes home'

Design and construct a low cost, zero carbon, family starter home, transport it to Spain, build it, landscape it and open it to the public. That was the challenge faced by a group of students from…

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Lim Chuan Yang - Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate mechanical engineering student, Lim Chuan Yang, talks about his experience studying abroad at The University of Nottingham, UK, for part of his degree.

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Kathleen Kang Yen Li - Psychology

Undergraduate student, Kathleen Kang Yen Li, talks about studying psychology and her experience at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

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Welcome to Biomedical Sciences

Professor Steve Hill and Dr Ting Kang-Nee introduce Biomedical Sciences at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and talk about the opportunities available with an undergraduate Biomedical…

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