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#UoNFreshers - Getting Around

With all of the various transport options, getting around campus and the wider Nottingham area is really easy. Watch the video to find out more.…

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At the heart of a revolution in greener transport

Propulsion in transport is on the cusp of a revolution and societies are being challenged to think differently about how we move people and goods. Our discoveries in sustainable materials and…

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Francis Willughby's European Field Trip

Audio recording of the lunchtime talk 'Francis Willughby's European Field Trip'. Professor Mark Greengrass, early-modern historian, reconstructs the excitements of Francis…

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The Grand Tour of the Fanshawe Sisters in 1829

Audio recording of lunchtime talk. Professor Charles Watkins and Dr Ross Balzaretti (University of Nottingham) focus on the Grand Tour of the Fanshawe sisters who ‘did Europe’ in 1829.…

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Vlog: Moving to university

Cara shows us what it's like to move to university and gives us a tour of her new room. Watch more on Cara's channel:

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Archives of Travel

Dr Ross Balzaretti gives an insight into the preparations behind the scenes of the exhibition ‘Grand Tourists and Others: Travelling Abroad Before the 20th Century’. He explains how the…

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Vlog: Travelling home for Christmas

Take a trip with John as he flies back to the US for Christmas. Watch Emma's Christmas vlog See more from John…

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Celebrating The International Student Experience

A selection of photographs taken by The University of Nottingham's international students while enjoying their time in the UK. Some of these are from excursions organised by the International…

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Study abroad

Psychology student, Caroline Floyd, talks about the year she spent in Mexico as part of our study abroad offer. For more information visit…

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