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Why study in Msc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Program director and students talk about reasons of studying in Msc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

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Rabbit Face survey asks how cute are these bunnies?

An irresistible ‘rabbit cuteness’ survey has been launched to help animal scientists understand what makes a bunny cute and which facial features make some bunnies cuter than others. The…

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Pioneering a cleaner, greener future

As pressures mount to find cleaner energy alternatives to fossil fuels, our world-class researchers are pioneering alternative electrical power sources that will enable the transportation system of…

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Why Study Phenomenology and The Turn to Religion

Conor Cunningham introduces the work of the French philosopher Michel Henry (1922-2002) and the contribution that he made to theology. Henry’s work, he argues, can be seen as an attempt to draw…

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UNNC Student Society: Peekaboo

Peekaboo, a psychological organisation, aimed at organising fun activities to explore the inner mind and soul at The University of Nottingham's Ningbo, China Campus.

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Seminar and Lecture Series; What is theology: telling the story with an apple with Conor Cunningham

Dr Conor Cunningham tells the story of the ways we can look at an apple. A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more involved understanding of the universe and why…

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#askatheologian; Who was Ibn Taymiyya?

Dr Jon Hoover gives an introduction to Ibn Taymiyya. He was a scholar who lived in Damascus 800 years ago, but is very influential among many Islamic groups today.

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