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Ibn Taymiyya and Benefit (maslaha): 5. Wise Purpose in God’s Acts, with Dr Jon Hoover

Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328) was a famous Muslim jurist from Damascus. This video, part of a series on the concept of benefit (maslaha) in Ibn Taymiyya’s thought, explores his dynamic view of…

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Celebrating our technical talent

Our technical colleagues at the University of Nottingham are vital to the success of our institution, bringing skills and expertise that are essential to delivering research and teaching on an…

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Discovery. For the world

Real world research. Real world impact. Our research knows no limits. Our discoveries change lives across the globe. Discover more about our world-changing research:

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PhD in Translational Imaging (School of Medicine)

Dr Shahideh Safavi, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Respiratory Medicine, School of Medicine, speaks about studying for a PhD in Translational Imaging at the University of Nottingham,…

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Our brand new Cancer Sciences courses and purpose built Cancer Centre

Academics and students discuss the brand new BSc and MSci Cancer Sciences courses being launched at the University of Nottingham in September 2019, along with the new purpose built Centre for Cancer…

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