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Vlog: Moving to university

Cara shows us what it's like to move to university and gives us a tour of her new room. Watch more on Cara's channel:

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Vlog: Pre-university expectations

Cara talks about her hopes and fears for starting university. See more from Cara:

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Vlog: Top 5 tips for making friends at uni

Find out how Emma and Laura became friends during their first weeks at university! See more from Emma

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Vlog: Buying uni books on a budget

Find out Amy and Laura's tips for buying books for university on a budget! See more from Amy and Laura:

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The Firth Post-Graduate Seminar 2016

The Firth Lectures take place every other year in the University of Nottingham, and it is the custom to ask the lecturer to conduct a post-graduate seminar on some aspect of her/his work. In 2016 the…

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Vlog: Thoughts on first year

Emma shares her thoughts on her first year at university. Watch more from Emma

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Vlog: Long distance relationships

Amy and Laura offer some advice about how to manage long distance relationships when moving to university. See more of Amy and Laura's videos…

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Nottingham working with Brazil to tackle the world’s most pressing problems

There may be 5,185 miles between Rio de Janeiro and The University of Nottingham, but take a look at how our research and collaborative work with Brazil is changing the world. Read about our…

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Tri-Campus Games 2016

Highlights from the 2016 Tri-Campus Games at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Each year the Tri Campus Games brings together students from the three University of Nottingham campuses…

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