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SAFE-FLY H2020 aerospace project: designing a novel structural health monitoring system

SAFE-FLY (H2020 ITN Grant No 721455) brings together a team of enthusiastic researchers that will eventually propose the blue print for a novel, reliable and lightweight SHM integrated system,…

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OptiMACS H2020 project: Optimisation of Multifunctional Aerospace Composite Structures

OptiMACS (H2020 ITN Grant No 764650) brings together a team of enthusiastic researchers to develop, deliver and implement novel, accurate and efficient structural Multidisciplinary Design…

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Powering up the electric racing plane of the future

Development of the first electric race airplane has taken a major leap forward due to an innovative partnership announced between the University of Nottingham and Air Race E. A new integrated…

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Electric Catapult for Civilian Aircraft

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Towards A Silent Aircraft - Professor Dame Ann Dowling

Professor Dame Ann Dowling is President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Royal Society. She is a mechanical engineer specialising in low emission combustion, acoustics and…

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Professor Snape on Carbon Capture

Could CO2 be the conduit for carbon-neutral aircraft fuel in the future? Find out more about Professor Snape's work on our website:…

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Electronics in Aviation at the University of Nottingham

Professor Pat Wheeler talks us through the future of electronics in aviation in order to lessen the environmental impact of aircraft. The University of Nottingham is a leading organisation in this…

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Working with Boeing to Recycle Carbon Fibre Composites from Aircraft

In desert 'aircraft graveyards', where retired planes often go when flight service ends, good parts are removed and sold and many materials are recycled. Increasingly popular strong, light…

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