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Theologians in Conversation; Catholicism and Others

Archbishop Kevin McDonald discusses with Prof. Tom O’Loughlin the self-perception of the Catholic Church, in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council (1962-5), of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism,…

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Theologians in Conversation; Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa

John Milbank and Simon Oliver discuss the significance of the work of Blessed Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) for the way we do theology today. Nicholas, in challenging the role of the Principle of…

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Seminar and Lecture Series; What is theology: telling the story with an apple with Conor Cunningham

Dr Conor Cunningham tells the story of the ways we can look at an apple. A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more involved understanding of the universe and why…

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