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Data Science Degree Apprenticeship Employer Perspective

Employers who are developing their staff with the University of Nottingham Data Science Degree Apprenticeship discuss the benefits they are seeing from engaging with the apprenticeship programme. …

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MSc Bioinformatics

Find out more about our Bioinformatics MSc here: Overview of bioinformatics, why we need it and what it can help us solve.

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Advanced Manufacturing Building official opening

With manufacturing on the cusp of a technological revolution, a flagship research facility has opened its doors at the University of Nottingham to help future-proof UK industry in a competitive…

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University of Nottingham Knowledge Exchange and Impact Awards 2018

The discovery of new bacteria-resistant plastics to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired-infections, one of the UK's most significant heritage regeneration projects, a one-in-a-million…

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Dr Carl Mundy, PhD alumnus talks about using the Careers and Employability Service

Carl talks about how the Careers and Employability Service helped him achieve his career aim. He attended a range of workshops and now on reflection says he should have used them more!

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Dr Carl Mundy - PhD Astronomy to Data Analyst

Carl talks about how his interest in writing software during his PhD lead to his interest in data analysis. He also identifies the transferable skills he developed during his PhD, through a work…

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Horizon - Shaping the Future through Ubiquitous Technology

The Horizon project looks to the future, exploring the line between privacy and security through data collection and appropriate usage of personal information. Find out more about the Horizon…

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