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Why Study Women in 'Q' with Sara Parks

Dr Sara Parks introduces the text that lies behind the gospels of Matthew and Luke – to which we give the name ‘Q’. In turn, this allows her to study what this text says about women…

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#a-zoftheology; C is for Codex

Prof. Tom O’Loughlin examines what is meant by the word ‘codex’ and how this was the characteristic book-form in early Christianity.Other entries in the A-Z of Theology playlist can…

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A - Z of Theology; A is for Apostle

Prof. Tom O’Loughlin examines the various meanings of the word ‘apostle’ in Christian discourse. #a2zoftheology

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#AskATheologian; What's in the name, Jesus Christ?

Professor Tom O’Loughlin looks at the name ‘Jesus Christ.’ Most people think this is just a forename-plus-surname and hence we speak of ‘what Christ said’ or the…

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