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Edward Lear Discovery

PhD student Amy Wilcockson talks about her chance discovery of previously unseen poems and letters by the famous nonsense poet Edward Lear. The handwritten items were hidden in a large bundle of…

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MLAC2074 19th Century French Narrative

This module will introduce you to the literature and thought of what is sometimes referred to as 'the long nineteenth century'. You will study works by Balzac, Sand and Proust, three…

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Why Study Theology with Dr Marian Kelsey

Dr Marian Kelsey answers the age-old question; "Why Study Theology?" with an argument that Biblical Studies is actually far more interesting than Theology! The image used in the thumbnail…

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This is English at Nottingham

At Nottingham, we go beyond a love of books. Our huge choice of optional modules in everything from Vikings to drama means you can discover new passions, explore what you already love, and tailor…

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Why Study Oscar Wilde with Frances Knight

Dr Frances Knight explores some of the religious dimensions of the life and works of Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and in particular his Ballad of Reading Goal and De Profundis. She also examines…

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Why Study the History of Religion with Jeremy Gregory

Professor Jeremy Gregory examines the case that the history of religion is as close as we can get to ‘total history’: looking at all aspects of individuals in societies in the past in the…

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Why Study Ecclesiastes with Doug Ingram

Dr Doug Ingram and Dr Peter Watts look at one short and enigmatic biblical text: the Book of Ecclesiates – sometimes also called Qoheleth – and at the questions is poses not only to…

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Why Study The Old Testament with Doug Ingram

Dr Doug Ingram and Dr Peter Watts look at the value of studying that diverse library of books that go to make up the Old Testament. This has a value as an exploration of people quite apart from its…

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Firth Lectures 2016: The Most Reverend Dr Rowan Williams. Imagining Faith; perceptions of religious belief in modern writing

Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, looks at three piece of contemporary fiction to explore how they descibe the religious person and how within those stories there is a portrayal of…

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Chalani Ranwala - International Communications with English Language and Literature

Undergraduate student, Chalani Ranwala, talks about her experience studying international communications with English language and literature at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

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