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Basic Beliefs of Islam - Prophets

Dr Musharraf Hussain speaks about Islamic belief in Prophets with Dr Jon Hoover. Dr Hussain defines the role of the Prophets, distinguishes between a prophet (nabi) and a messenger (rasul), explains…

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Sacred Calendars; The Milad (The Prophet's Birthday)

Dr. Musharraf Hussein describes the annual celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, known as ‘the Milad.’ A time of joyful celebration, but also a time for recalling the life…

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Why Study the Sunni and the Shi'a with Harith bin Ramli

Dr Harith bin Ramli explains the origins of the two main branches of Islam and how they have different views of the nature of Islam. Dr bin Ramli points out that while today, many think of these…

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Why Study Sufism with Harith bin Ramli

Dr Harith bin Ramli introduces a tradition of theology and religious practice that arose in the third century after the Prophet (circa 9th Century AD) which is known as Sufism. Sufism represents an…

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Syed Muhammad Taha - MSc Environmental Monitoring and Management

Postgraduate student, Syed Muhammad Taha, talks about his experiences studying environmental monitoring and management in the School of Geography.

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Muhammad Yaasin Oozeer - Civil Engineering

Civil engineering undergraduate student, Muhammad Yaasin Oozeer, talks about his experiences studying at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

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