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Vlog: Thoughts from places | The Wheel of Nottingham |

Tom takes a spin on the Wheel of Nottingham and shares his thoughts about the year ahead. See the city from the sky until Sunday 12 Check out Cara's tips about…

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Vlog: Exploring Ningbo, China

Take a tour of Ningbo with Danny as he explores the city during his semester studying in China! See more from Danny

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Vlog: Day in the Life - Business School

Virginia shows you what a day in the life of the Business School is like. See more from Virginia

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Vlog: UCAS visit days

Student vlogger Tom explains what UCAS visit days are all about and why offer holders should come along. You can find all our offer holders information here:…

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Vlog: Autumn semester review

Antoinette looks back over her first semester at Nottingham and looks forward to what 2016 has to offer. See more from Antoinette Music:…

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Vlog: First months in the UK

Find out how John's first couple of months have been as an international student in Nottingham. See more from John at

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Vlog: Bonfire Night

Danny went along to the bonfire at Forest Recreation Ground. This is what happened! See more from Danny here

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Vlog: School study vs. Uni study

Studying at University can be a bit different to what you're used to at school. Amy and Laura are here to talk you through some things you might want to bear in mind. See more of Amy and…

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Vlog: Expectations vs. reality

How does life at Nottingham compare to Tom's expectations? Find out in this vlog! Watch Amy and Laura's vlog about living in self-catered halls…

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Vlog: Technology

Our vlogger Shane gives his tips about what tech to bring with you to University See more from Shane

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Vlog: Packing

Have you started packing yet? Take a look at David, Josh and Molly's tips on what to bring for #UoNFreshers Find out more at our freshers' blogs at…

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Vlog: Societies

What are societies? What do you do there? How many should I join? Our vloggers Amy and Laura are here to explain all.…

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Vlog: Mature students

Our vlogger Charlotte gives her top tips for mature students See more of Charlotte's videos

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Vlog: University Park tour

Our campuses are big and beautiful - take a whistle stop tour of the essential places to go on Uni Park with our vlogger Tom. See more of Tom's videos

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Student highlights 2014/15

Take a look at some of our students' highlights from the past year.What will your highlights be? #MeantToBe

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Nottingham City

Discover the City of Nottingham through the eyes of a student… Nottingham City Council’s student guide to Nottingham is now online at You’ll find all the…

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The BBC award-winning Sutton Bonington Farmers' Market

The popular student-run Sutton Bonington Farmers' Market has been named Market of the Year in the 13th BBC Food & Farming Awards. Read more at Video by Anne Smart…

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Zombie apocalypse at The Nottingham New Theatre

The Nottingham New Theatre brought a zombie apocalypse to University Park this week. Here's a peek behind the scenes. Find out more about The Nottingham New Theatre at…

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Community first responders

Meet the University of Nottingham students providing life saving support to the East Midlands Ambulance Service and local communities in Derby and Nottingham. This project has benefited from Cascade…

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Summer 2012 Graduation

Graduating from university is a special experience - students, parents and staff talk about their feelings at The University of Nottingham's summer 2012 Graduation.

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Weibo at The University of Nottingham (English)

Find out how The University of Nottingham is using Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, to connect and engage with our Chinese-speaking students and alumni. Chinese version of this video:…

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Student Tips for Freshers' Week

Campus Cam met the UoN Freshers' Team, Annie, Ruth and Ollie, who give us their tips for Freshers' Week 2013 in this video. Share your week with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram…

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Careers Roadshow 2013

Campus Cam finds out how the Careers and Employability Service have been celebrating #UoNAmbition at the Careers Roadshow, asking students and staff to share their ambitions and advice. For more…

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Nottingham City

Have a look at just some of the things that make Nottingham great and find out what our students love about the city. For more information visit To…

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Christine Ennew ushers in new era in Malaysia

Thirteen years since she was instrumental in setting up The University of Nottingham's Malaysia Campus, Professor Christine Ennew returns full-time to a country she loves, to take up the helm as…

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12,000 Miles to University on the back of a moped

Ahmed Mashadani rode from the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus — where he completed the second year of his Management degree — to Nottingham UK in the summer holidays, in order to…

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Schmallenberg virus — a 'grim' picture for 2013

Researchers at The University of Nottingham say Schmallenberg Virus — which causes deformities and neurological defects in unborn lambs and calves — has made a grim return this year.…

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