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Tropical Biology | Study abroad and travel in Malaysia

Stephanie's highlights from her field trip to Tioman Island, as part of her year in Malaysia on our Tropical Biology BSc. About this course.

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Snail shells offer clue in common origins of body asymmetry

An international team of researchers has discovered a gene in snails that determines whether their shells twist clockwise or anti-clockwise – and could offer clues to how the same gene affects…

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Outsmarting the malaria parasite

In the malaria research labs at The University of Nottingham Dr Rita Tewari and her team are trying to identify the best drug and vaccine targets for malaria. Here she explains how.

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Can we ever mend a broken heart?

Playing cupid - stem cell biologists at The University of Nottingham are looking at ways to mend our broken hearts.

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Re-writing the research on the treatment of infection

A major breakthrough in the search for alternatives to antibiotics and the treatment of infection could provide microbiologists with a whole new insight into the way germs co-exist with or attack…

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Nitrogen-fixing bacteria helps crops to 'feed' themselves

World changing technology developed by experts at The University of Nottingham enables crops to take nitrogen from the air reducing the use of expensive and environmentally damaging fertilisers.

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Andrew Phiri - PhD Biology

Andrew tells us what lead him to study in Nottingham and his first impressions of the city.

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Lindsey Macdougall - PhD Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Lindsey tells us about her research and how she works with her supervisors.

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