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Why Study Eschatology with Michael Burdett

Why are Christians interested in the End of the World once again? Michael Burdett argues that the rise in interest in eschatology is linked to our current concern with the future – forced on us…

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Georgian Delights: Curator Tour pt 6 (Heirs and Spares: Princess Charlotte)

Academic curator Dr Richard Gaunt discusses George IV's daughter and heir apparent Princess Charlotte, and her early death, in the Georgian Delights exhibition.

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Why Study Phenomenology and The Turn to Religion

Conor Cunningham introduces the work of the French philosopher Michel Henry (1922-2002) and the contribution that he made to theology. Henry’s work, he argues, can be seen as an attempt to draw…

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Theologians in Conversation; Love, Death and Existence

Philip Goodchild, the Professor of Religion and Philosophy, notes that in both our ordinary thinking, and in formal philosophical reflection, that love, death, and existence are connected. He…

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Basic Beliefs of Islam - Last Day; part 1

In the first of two videos, Dr Musharraf Hussain discusses Islamic belief in the Last Day with Dr Jon Hoover. Dr Hussain traces the events of the Last Day from human death to the grave and on to the…

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Why Study Finite Life - A Challenge to Martin Heidegger with Agata Bielik-Robson

Agata Bielik-Robson, Professor of Jewish Studies, looks at the notion of human finitude and offer a challenge to the views of Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) and his notion of ‘being towards…

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Theologians in Conversation; Love and Death with Philip Goodchild

In all human quests for understanding - be they religious, theological, philosophical, or literary - the intertwined themes of love and death keep returning to challenge us. It is an endless…

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Universal Salvation and Consensus in Medieval Islam

Dr Jon Hoover examines how two great medieval Islamic scholars looked at the issues involved in the question ‘can all human beings be saved by God?’ Is it a case that unbelievers shall…

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