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Why Study Women in 'Q' with Sara Parks

Dr Sara Parks introduces the text that lies behind the gospels of Matthew and Luke – to which we give the name ‘Q’. In turn, this allows her to study what this text says about women…

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Why Study The Book of Jonah with Dr Doug Ingram

The Book of Jonah, one of the shortest texts in the Bible, is often seen as a simple short story – and it is this, but it is also something more. The argument of Dr Doug Ingram in this video…

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Fruit gardens enhance mammal diversity and biomass in Southeast Asian rainforest

Traditional fruit gardens planted by indigenous communities in the Malaysian rainforest increase the diversity of the animals who make it their home. The study, led by researchers at The University…

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What is health protection?

Jonathan Van Tam gives us a brief overview of what health protection is. Filmed and edited by Alex Wilkinson of Wilkinson Photography.

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Jonathan Van Tam lecturer of Health Protection

A short video of lecturer Jonathan Van Tam introducing his module Health Protection for the Master of Public Health and Master of Public Health (International Health) course. Filmed and edited by…

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Professor Jonathan Ball talks about being a British Science Association Media Fellow

Jonathan Ball is a Professor of Molecular Virology in the School of Life Sciences at The University of Nottingham. As a BSA Media Fellow he has become a science communicator convert. He has been…

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The Philosophy of Time Using Art History

A short video of Jonathan Tallant discussing his recent work looking at the philosophy of time using art history.

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