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#WeAreUoN Elena's story

Dr Elena Boto is exploring a neuroimaging technique called Magnetoencephalography (MEG). Elena's research is focused on developing the next generation of functional brain imaging technology and…

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When you give, you give hope, joy and belief

Thank you for giving special moments. You make incredible things happen and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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Psychology 360 facilities tour

Take a look around the range of facilities and study spaces available to our Psychology students.

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Every time you give, you give moments like these. Thank you.

For all the hours of research, the studies and trials you've made possible, thank you. When you give, you give moments like these. A special thank you to the O'Connor family for being…

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Every time you give, you give moments like these

Each year, hundreds of children and their families are faced with the terrifying diagnosis of a brain tumour. We believe that these children deserve the best. Our aim is to give every child with a…

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Join our Superhero Walk

Grab your capes and join our 5km family friendly fancy-dress walk at University Park to help children battling brain tumours. Register yourself or a group and start your fundraising today! Date: 1…

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Professor Todd Landman's blindfolded bike ride

On 17 June Todd Landman, Academic Magician and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Social Sciences, cycled around Highfields Park lake blindfolded. The stunt was part of 'Wonder', the…

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Quantum sensors herald new generation of wearable brain imaging systems

Scientists at the University of Nottingham are working with University College London on a five year project which has the potential to revolutionise the world of human brain imaging.

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Why Study Phenomenology with Conor Cunningham

Conor Cunningham introduces one of the great movements in twentieth-century philosophy – phenomenology – which is playing an ever more significant role in theology today. He dos this by…

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Maths Matters: The maths of the brain

Using mathematical modelling to understand our brain functions and ultimately solve real world problems. Visit the website for the School of Mathematical…

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Rebecca's story: Children's Brain Tumour Research

Sue Clark talks to us about her daughter Rebecca, who continues to benefit from the ongoing work of the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) here in Nottingham.…

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New material forges the way for ‘stem cell factories’ of the future

Experts at The University of Nottingham have discovered the first fully synthetic material with potential to grow billions of stem cells. The discovery could forge the way for the creation of…

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The teenage brain – work in progress

The University of Nottingham is involved in a European wide study which aims to identify and learn more about the biological and environmental factors that might influence mental health in teenagers.…

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Impact: the first £100m

Celebrating the first £100 million raised for Impact: the Nottingham Campaign and how this money is already transforming lives locally, nationally and internationally. For more information…

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Imaging the Brain to Examine Mental and Physical Illnesses

The Magnetic Resonance Centre at the University of Nottingham is helping to plot the brain paths of patients with mental and physical illnesses such as schizophrenia, with access to some of the best…

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Update: Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre

Dr David Walker tells us where the CBTRC has achieved and where they hope to expand in terms of equipment, new technologies and extended research. Read more about the crucial work and research which…

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MRI and the Developing Brain

One in five children will suffer from a mental health disorder. Will you help improve quality of life for children with mental health problems?

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