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Which Ancient Texts might we study?

Dr Nick Wilshere descibes the types of ancient texts that are studied in our Latin and Ancient Greek courses at the University of Nottingham. Photo by Mishaal Zahed on Unsplash

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My Favourite Module: Communicating the Past

Professor Helen Lovatt discusses her favourite module - second year 'Communicating the Past' where students create projects on a subject of their choice. Helen also gives an example of one…

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Ancient facts about Egyptian geese

Dr Oliver Thomas (Classics and Archaeology) tells us 5 facts about Egyptian geese in the ancient world. Filmed on University Park campus in summer 2021 by Maroula Perisanidi. Photo by Larkin…

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Sparta Live: Angry, angry Spartans

Sparta Live! Angry, angry Spartans Join us and Andrew Bayliss for a discussion about the Angry, angry Spartans. When we think of Spartan behaviour we often think of the usual stereotypes. They…

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Sparta Live: Spartan death and commemoration

Sparta Live! Spartan Death and Commemoration Excavations conducted in Sparta between 1906 and 1994 uncovered fewer than 20 graves from entire time span between the end of the Bronze Age and the…

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What is classics?

Interested in Classics, Ancient History or Classical Civilisation, but not sure what they are, or where the differences lie? Dr Emily Kneebone explains all in this quick overview.

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What is Archaeology?

A brief overview of Archaeology - what it is, how it differs from history and why it is important in the present day.

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