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"Istoriia s metranpazhem" (Incident with a Paginator)

Written by Aleksandr Vampilov in 1968, this Russian play is performed by members of the arts faculty at The University of Nottingham.

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Pathways: The Nottingham Black History Mural

In 2016, the University of Nottingham's Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R), which is part of the Research Priority Area in Rights and Justice, and the New Art Exchange joined together…

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Centre for Research in Race and Rights - the trailer

This is a short trailer for the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) at The University of Nottingham. For more informaiton visit:

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An Introduction to the Library for Post-graduate Researchers

Mr Neil Smyth (the Senior Librarian for the Faculty of Arts) discusses with Professor Tom O’Loughlin (Department of Theology and Religious Studies) the importance of the library in…

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Dr Jon Henderson talks about being one of the 2015 British Science Association Media Fellows

Dr Jon Henderson from the Department of Archaeology at The University of Nottingham talks about his experience as a British Science Media Fellow embedded with the Science team at The Times.

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Vlog: First months in the UK

Find out how John's first couple of months have been as an international student in Nottingham. See more from John at

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'Comfort Women' -- symposium highlights human rights violation

PhD student Sachi Tsukamoto, from The University of Nottingham, has organised a symposium on 'comfort women' -- the women and girls forced into sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army…

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Art History student lands her dream job

University of Nottingham graduate Amy Concannon landed her dream job when she became an Assistant Curator at Tate Britain. Her career advice - focus and get plenty of work experience. Amy is now…

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£23m masterpiece in the care of Nottingham alumna

University of Nottingham Art History graduate is putting her knowledge into practice -- looking after a £23m masterpiece. As an Assistant Curator at Tate Britain, Amy Concannon was part of the…

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