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Transforming healthcare with pioneering imaging

The University of Nottingham is the home of MRI and has an internationally leading position in biomedical imaging research. We aim to establish the University as a powerhouse for imaging in precision…

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Securing the low carbon bio-economy of the future

Today, many products are manufactured from fossil fuels using energy-intensive petrochemical technologies. We will spearhead the transformation of energy-intensive economies into low carbon…

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Why Study Ecclesiastes with Doug Ingram

Dr Doug Ingram and Dr Peter Watts look at one short and enigmatic biblical text: the Book of Ecclesiates – sometimes also called Qoheleth – and at the questions is poses not only to…

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Why Study The Old Testament with Doug Ingram

Dr Doug Ingram and Dr Peter Watts look at the value of studying that diverse library of books that go to make up the Old Testament. This has a value as an exploration of people quite apart from its…

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Why Study Theology in the Arts with Doug Ingram

Why bother with the study of theology in a university? Why bother with the study of religion – if you do not consider yourself religious? These are the questions address by two theologians…

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Why Study The Book of Jonah with Dr Doug Ingram

The Book of Jonah, one of the shortest texts in the Bible, is often seen as a simple short story – and it is this, but it is also something more. The argument of Dr Doug Ingram in this video…

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Brains Behind the Wheel - could virtual reality teach us to avoid real life accidents

Using their state-of-the-art simulation facility in the School of Psychology scientists at The University of Nottingham are exploring the use of car driving simulators as tools for training and…

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Why Study the Koine Greek Language with Peter Watts

All the documents of Christianity - such as those that are found in the collection known as 'the New Testament' - were written in the common Koine Greek language of the Mediterranean world.…

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Faculty of Arts: public spaces for researchers

Faculty of Arts researchers discuss their research and how they use the public spaces at the University of Nottingham.

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The Hobbit - an unexpected theological journey

As the latest Warner Bros fantasy blockbuster, The Hobbit, hits the cinema screens, Dr Alison Milbank of the University's Department of Theology and Religious Studies, offers her insights into…

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Why Study Biblical Studies with Peter Watts

Dr Peter Watts explores the range of approaches to the Bible that are encompassed in the term ‘biblical studies.’ He brings out that while the study of the Bible exists as part of…

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Why Study Hebrew with Peter Watts

Peter Watts explores why it is valuable for someone studying theology to gain a working knowledge of the Hebrew language. It sees it as a key tool in the theologian’s toolkit. You might also…

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Sir Peter Mansfield talks about the development of MRI

At the age of 15 he was told he didn't have the qualifications to become a scientist. Today Sir Peter Mansfield, from The University of Nottingham, holds a Nobel Prize for Physiology and…

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