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Retrieving a dog from the kennel area

This video incorporates procedures within kennels, retrieving a dog from their kennel and how to open/close the kennel doors.

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Assessing your environment when handling dogs

A video to demonstrate the assessment of the environment and bay safety when handling dogs during a practical.

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Introduction to working with farm animals

This video provides an introduction to working safely with farm species.

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Staying safe as an international student studying in Nottingham

Andrew shares his tips and experiences of staying safe as an international student when studying abroad in Nottingham.

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#UoNSport online induction to the Fitness Suite

Find out everything you need to know about training in our fitness suites. Watch this video to ensure you train safely, follow our fitness suite etiquette and learn about opportunities we have…

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Handling scalpel blades

This video demonstrates the safe and correct use of scalpel blades.

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Surgical instruments and handling techniques

This video demonstrates the correct use of surgical instruments and safe handling techniques.

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Lifting instruction video - bench press

Check out our video on how to perform the perfect bench press. This video is part of a series of weight lifting technique and safety videos to educate members on some of the most common weight…

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April Fool

#GooseTunnel was just a joke! Did you fall for it? Alas, the geese will continue to stop traffic.

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University of Nottingham - Goose Tunnel

They are a familiar sight at The University of Nottingham and often seen stopping traffic on East Drive. But work has begun to ensure our resident Canada Geese have a safer way of crossing the road. …

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Making sure the food we grow is good enough to eat

A new Centre of Excellence for Post-Harvest Biotechnology has opened at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. It aims to reduce food losses and improve overall quality and food safety.

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