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Vlog: Things I wish I'd known last year

Sophie offers the advice she wish she'd known before she started university. Sophie's channel

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Vlog: Living off campus

Hannah gives some tips about living off campus. Hannah's channel

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Vlog: More things you might be worried about

Humeara offers advice about budgeting, making friends, living away from home and not drinking alcohol. Check out Humeara's channel…

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Vlog: Things you might be worrying about...but don't need to be!

Starting uni can be a bit scary, so Ali's here to settle your nerves about making friends, living away from home and managing your work. Ali's channel:…

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Vlog: 5 things I've learnt from first year at uni

Find out the top 5 things Ali's learnt from her first year at university. Watch more of Ali's videos:

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Dr Emma Taylor-Steeds, PhD alumna - Using the Careers and Employability Service

During Emma's third year of her PhD Chemistry, she made the most of the help available from the Careers and Employability Service. She had a one-to-one appointment with careers, a CV and…

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eMentoring - bring your career ideas to life

Laura Mingley, biology graduate talks about how the eMentoring scheme helped her gain a first-hand insight into the career that interested her. She asked her mentor, Paul Little, an alumnus of the…

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Vlog: Top 5 tips for making friends at uni

Find out how Emma and Laura became friends during their first weeks at university! See more from Emma

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Vlog: Buying uni books on a budget

Find out Amy and Laura's tips for buying books for university on a budget! See more from Amy and Laura:

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Vlog: Long distance relationships

Amy and Laura offer some advice about how to manage long distance relationships when moving to university. See more of Amy and Laura's videos…

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Vlog: Uni jargon buster 101

What exactly *is* a fresher? What's the difference between a lecture and a seminar? Who in the world is a personal tutor? Emma's here to explain some of those unfamiliar words you might…

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Vlog: Healthy eating at uni

Charlotte gives some tips on how to eat healthily at uni. See more of Charlotte's videos

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Vlog: Dear first year me...

Molly, Josh and David travel back in time to give their first year selves some advice... actual time travel at 3:18! See more from David, Josh and Molly…

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Vlog: First day experience

Shane talks about what to expect on your first day when you move to Nottingham. Find your hall on Facebook See more from Shane

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Vlog: School study vs. Uni study

Studying at University can be a bit different to what you're used to at school. Amy and Laura are here to talk you through some things you might want to bear in mind. See more of Amy and…

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Vlog: Expectations vs. reality

How does life at Nottingham compare to Tom's expectations? Find out in this vlog! Watch Amy and Laura's vlog about living in self-catered halls…

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Adrian Hayes

A short video of explorer, adventurer and business coach, Adrian Hayes talking about his life and how he achieves his goals. As well as offering advice to current students of The University of…

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Careers and Employability Service

Duong An, studying MSc Manufacturing Engineering and Management, explains how he used the service and secured a graduate job with Rolls-Royce. There is a specialist careers adviser who works with PhD…

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Tips for University applicants and interviewees

In this video, Matt Harrison, Marketing and Recruitment Projects Manager at The University of Nottingham, gives his top tips for potential applicants and interviewees. Got any questions about…

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Careers Roadshow 2013

Campus Cam finds out how the Careers and Employability Service have been celebrating #UoNAmbition at the Careers Roadshow, asking students and staff to share their ambitions and advice. For more…

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