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Seminar and Lecture Series; What is theology: telling the story with an apple with Conor Cunningham

Dr Conor Cunningham tells the story of the ways we can look at an apple. A piece of fruit, a quick healthy snack, but also the starting point for a more involved understanding of the universe and why…

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Professor Jonathan Ball talks about being a British Science Association Media Fellow

Jonathan Ball is a Professor of Molecular Virology in the School of Life Sciences at The University of Nottingham. As a BSA Media Fellow he has become a science communicator convert. He has been…

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Moodle Bytes Webinar, 9 January 2015: Making the most of Moodle forums

Moodle Bytes Webinar 9 January 2015 Using Moodle forums effectively for communicating with students and encouraging students to discuss with each other

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May 2012 e-learning community - Synchronous Online Communication: running successful Adobe Connect sessions with students

Jonathan Houdmont (IWHO) and Sue Cobb (Engineering) talk about their experiences of running successful Adobe Connect sessions with students.

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