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Careers support for PhD researchers

Kirstin Barnard, Senior Careers Adviser, provides information and advice on how the Careers and Employability Service can support the career development of PhD researchers. Your starting point should…

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Discover your career

We offer a world of possibility for our passionate staff, where together we all make a difference. Discover how you can further your career and unlock your potential at the University of Nottingham.…

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Discovery. For the world

Real world research. Real world impact. Our research knows no limits. Our discoveries change lives across the globe. Discover more about our world-changing research:

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Moving on from academia - a researcher's experience

Dr Josephine Welham talks about why she decided to leave her research career and how she identified what she wanted to do in the future.

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Our research leaders of tomorrow

Our Anne McLaren and Nottingham Research Fellowship schemes produce the next generation of outstanding research leaders. We are recruiting an unprecedented number of research fellows as part of a…

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Discovering the next generation of research leaders through our fellowships

Our competitive, internally funded fellowships aim to attract and retain exceptional early career researchers to deliver world-leading research. Samanta Piano, Assistant Professor in Metrology and a…

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Dr Sandra Frisby - Associate Professor Law

As part of The Inside Law Series Sandra talks about studying Law at The University of Nottingham.

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