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Interview with Adult Nursing student Sonia

Adult Nursing student, Sonia, talks about what made her choose Adult Nursing, how she's met friends for life, her favourite placements so far and the support she has received studying at the…

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Being an introvert at university

Karan shares his tips and experiences of being an introvert at university and how to manage your time, energy and social battery.#universityofnottingham #introvert #freshers2022 #weareuon…

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Finding your people at university

Catherine shares her tips for finding your people at university, making friends and feeling part of a community.

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Making friends at university

Kristina shares her tips for making friends at university. Check out Kristina's channel:

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Vlog: Tips for making new uni friends online

Aimee shares her advice about making new uni friends over social media and also how during lockdown she made new uni friends online. Check out Aimee's channel:…

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VLOG: How To Make Friends At University | first year/fresher university advice!

Ella takes you through her top tips and advice for making friends at the University of Nottingham. Ella’s Channel: #UoNFreshers #WeAreUoN

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#UoNFreshers - What to do before you arrive

Welcome to Nottingham! We're looking forward to helping you settle in. Here's a handy checklist to help you prepare for University. Visit for more…

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Vlog: More things you might be worried about

Humeara offers advice about budgeting, making friends, living away from home and not drinking alcohol. Check out Humeara's channel…

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Vlog: Nottingham Winter Wonderland 2016

A warm welcome to our new vlogger Hannah. She took her camera on a visit to the Nottingham Winter Wonderland in Old Market Square. Here's what she got up to...

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Vlog: Top 5 tips for making friends at uni

Find out how Emma and Laura became friends during their first weeks at university! See more from Emma

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Vlog: Making friends and socialising

Amy and Laura are here to give some advice on socialising and making friends at University. See Amy and Laura's Societies video See more of Amy and…

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