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Mental health support at the Students' Union - Nottingham Ambition Giving Day

University can be a tricky experience for some, with pressures to succeed sometimes feeling overwhelming. During times of high stress, like moving away from home for the first time or during exams,…

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Mental Health panel event Wednesday 1 July 2020

The Institute for Policy and Engagement and the Institute for Mental Health teamed up to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our mental health and how policy makers should be…

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Holly Blake - mental health tips for working from home

Dr Holly Blake, Associate Professor of Behavioural Science in the School of Health Sciences, discusses how we can look after the mental health of ourselves - and colleagues - while working at home…

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Vlog: Managing your mental health at university

Rebecca talks about how to manage your mental health at university and the support offered by the University of Nottingham.

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Consider Eating Disorders in Men

This video shares the often unheard experiences of men with eating disorders going to their GP practice to seek help.What was it like? How did it feel? Told in their own words it encourages us to…

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Let's talk about tech

Children are growing up surrounded by tech, but does the law adequately protect them online? Our research is challenging lawmakers and tech companies to protect children's rights in an…

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Uni of Nottingham Student Does Movember 👨

Third year Psychology student Alex decided to do Movember this year to raise money for a charity tackling men’s health on a global scale. Here's how it went.

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#WeAreUoN Gaby's story

Dr Gaby Neher is an inspiring educator, mentor and researcher. With specialist expertise in the Renaissance period of art history, Gaby's always looking for new and interesting ways to engage…

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#YouWillBeFound from Dear Evan Hansen (A Cappella cover)

Students from the University of Nottingham A Cappella Society perform 'You Will Be Found' from the Broadway musical 'Dear Evan Hansen. Sometimes life can get on top of you, but we want…

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UoNSport Supported Fitness Sessions – Pete’s Story

Pete is a student with a physical disability, who has been accessing the UoNSport supported fitness sessions. Find out how they’ve benefitted him.More…

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UoNSport Supported Fitness Sessions – Agata’s Story

Agata is a visually impaired student who has been accessing the UoNSport supported fitness sessions. Find out how they’ve benefited her. More…

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Graduate Entry Nursing student profile

Gavin Hibberd-Smith, a Graduate Entry Nursing (Mental Health) student, talks about his experience on the course.

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LawSoc Puppy Room 2016

Puppies descended on University Park as our Law Society organised a puppy room to calm students’ pre-exam nerves. As part of their Wellness Week promoting mental health, the society invited…

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Can a little loving kindness improve our mental health?

Dr Ahmed Mohammed at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is trying to find out if mindfulness can improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

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MindfulNotts breathing space (10 mins)

An invitation to listen to and experience a three stage "breathing space".

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MindfulNotts mindfulness experience (13 mins)

What's this experience of living in the current moment? A mindfulness sitting practice to explore different aspects of what's happening now, for you, in this moment.

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Law Society and Guide Dogs Puppy Room

As part of their Wellness Week our Law Society arranged a puppy room for students to unwind from their revision by petting some adorable dogs. Thank you to Guide Dogs for bringing them along.

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The teenage brain – work in progress

The University of Nottingham is involved in a European wide study which aims to identify and learn more about the biological and environmental factors that might influence mental health in teenagers.…

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Nursing Fields - Mental Health

Sharon Stone and Amanda Cramer speak about Mental Health Nursing

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Imaging the Brain to Examine Mental and Physical Illnesses

The Magnetic Resonance Centre at the University of Nottingham is helping to plot the brain paths of patients with mental and physical illnesses such as schizophrenia, with access to some of the best…

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