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Physics alumni interview, Zach Hollis (Radiotherapy Research Physicist) BSc Physics with Medical Physics

An interview with Physics Alumni Zach Hollis. Zach graduated with a BSc in Physics with Medical Physics and now works as a Radiotherapy Research Physicist in the NHS. In this video Zach talks…

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Lucy's Student Experience | Physics with Medical Physics | University of Nottingham

Lucy's Student Experience | Physics Q&A | University of NottinghamHave you ever wondered what student life is like when you're not studying? Physics with medical physics student, Lucy…

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The summer we searched for aliens

Ilaria and Tim did a summer research placement in the School of Physics and Astronomy, working on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

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Physics Facilities: A Student's Guide

Physics student Dan shows us around the best spots in the physics building. Find out more about physics at Nottingham: #universityofnottingham #Physics…

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Physics - being yourself at university

Lucy, an undergraduate physics student, shares her experiences.

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MSc Machine Learning in Science | Course overview

Discover MSc Machine Learning in Science, a new masters from the School of Physics and Astronomy, School of Computer Science and School of Mathematical Sciences.

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Accountancy - much broader than you think

Lydia Hewitt, physics alumna, works as a finance analyst at Jaguar Land Rover, Lydia explains what she does on a day-to-day basis, the importance of people skills and gives advice on choosing a…

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Banging the drum for quantum physics! 

'When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11' or ‘How to explain Quantum Physics with Heavy Metal’ Yes, a professor of physics at the University of Nottingham, has published a new…

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Why Study Wagner and Stephen Hawking

Prof. Richard Bell looks at how the work of Richard Wagner (1813-83), the famous German composer of operas such as The Ring, has been an inspiration for many physicists including Stephen Hawking…

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Hannah at The Royal Society

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Physics and Astronomy 360 facilities tour

Take a look around the Physics and Astronomy building to see our range of facilities and study spaces.

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Daniel Sykes a BP scholar

Daniel Sykes is studying BSc Theoretical Physics at The University of Nottingham and has been awarded an industry scholar from BP for the duration of his study. Here Daniel talks about the benefit of…

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Maths Matters: How does the universe work?

How we use maths in the field of Physics? Described here is how one mathematician is trying to make sense of how the universe works using mathematics. Visit the website for the School of…

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Levitation recreates nature's dumbbells

Using magnetic levitation to imitate weightlessness, researchers led by physicists at The University of Nottingham have manufactured solid wax models of splash form tektites – the tiny…

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Growing graphene – blue sky research attempts to replicate nature

A truly ground-breaking experiment at The University of Nottingham could herald the creation of graphene and boron nitride layers in a controlled way at a scale never thought possible before. If…

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Physsoc goes to CERN

A student's snapshot into Physsoc's award winning annual trip to CERN, in Geneva. Members of the society have the chance to visit the facility, including a guided tour and the opportunity…

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Achieve it - Science at Nottingham

You could find the perfect course at Nottingham Browse our courses: The Faculty of Science offers a variety of undergraduate courses within the categories…

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Anisa Mazidian - MSci Physics

Anisa talks about her placement in Uzbekistan and other highlights.

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Caroline Poyser - PhD Physics

Caroline talks about the support you get from supervisors and how they can inspire your research.

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Robin Murphy - MSci Physics and French

Robin Murphy

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Solar Cells

Today's solar cells convert just a third of the sun's energy into electricity. Will you help optimise solar power to secure clean and sustainable energy? For more on the Impact Campaign…

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