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The summer we searched for aliens

Ilaria and Tim did a summer research placement in the School of Physics and Astronomy, working on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

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Physics Facilities: A Student's Guide

Physics student Dan shows us around the best spots in the physics building. Find out more about physics at Nottingham: #universityofnottingham #Physics…

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Banging the drum for quantum physics! 

'When the Uncertainty Principle goes to 11' or ‘How to explain Quantum Physics with Heavy Metal’ Yes, a professor of physics at the University of Nottingham, has published a new…

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Physics and Astronomy 360 facilities tour

Take a look around the Physics and Astronomy building to see our range of facilities and study spaces.

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Levitation recreates nature's dumbbells

Using magnetic levitation to imitate weightlessness, researchers led by physicists at The University of Nottingham have manufactured solid wax models of splash form tektites – the tiny…

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Growing graphene – blue sky research attempts to replicate nature

A truly ground-breaking experiment at The University of Nottingham could herald the creation of graphene and boron nitride layers in a controlled way at a scale never thought possible before. If…

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Achieve it - Science at Nottingham

You could find the perfect course at Nottingham Browse our courses: The Faculty of Science offers a variety of undergraduate courses within the categories…

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