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Bolster your application to the Scientific Training Programme

It's very competitive to get on the NHS Scientific Training Programme and if you've been rejected, don't give up apply again. Cara McKenzie, Trainee Healthcare Scientist and genetics…

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Applying for the NHS Scientific Training Programme (STP)

Cara McKenzie, Trainee Healthcare Scientists and genetics alumna, gives advice on applying for the STP including how to find work experience and how to successfully navigate the interview process.

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A career in tax - it's varied and always in the news

Sam Nield, maths alumnus, is a tax associate at PwC. He secured an internship in his second year and was offered a job at the end of his degree. Sam talks about what he does on a day-to-day basis…

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Accountancy - much broader than you think

Lydia Hewitt, physics alumna, works as a finance analyst at Jaguar Land Rover, Lydia explains what she does on a day-to-day basis, the importance of people skills and gives advice on choosing a…

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Expert advice on becoming an archivist

Dr Simon Innes-Robbins, Nottingham alumnus, Senior Curator at the Imperial War Museums gives an insight into the different types of archives in the UK. He also offers advice on the importance of work…

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Working with children in education but not as a teacher

Lucy Hemsley, psychology alumna, talks about her role as a project worker at IntoUniversity. She was keen to work with children in the education sector or charity sector so IntoUniversity was a…

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Graduate career opportunities within Citizens Advice

Interested in working for a charity? Neil Clurow, alumnus (social policy and administration) and development manager gives an insight into the work of Citizens Advice, the types of roles available,…

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What will you do with your animal sciences degree?

Alumna Katy Hogg talks about her career path following her animal science degree and how she uses the skills she learned during her degree on a daily basis. She offers her advice to students…

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How to get a job with a charity

Sarah Hancock, philosophy and theology alumna, works for The Challenge. She gives advice on how you can stand out in the recruitment process, the skills charities look for and the evidence that you…

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